Immunization 101: What You Should Know About Immunizations


If you think that immunization and vaccination are unsafe, think again. Read how important it is to have your children vaccinated.

The Importance of Vaccination

Everybody very well knows the importance of immunizations.

Yearly, millions of adults and children get vaccines to protect themselves from the different diseases. However, getting immunization is not a breeze. Often, parents get a hard time because most children are afraid of needles. In addition, there are rumors about serious health problems vaccines can cause. The internet, for example, is a convenient source of such wrong information. Numerous websites present convincing yet unproven information about the risks of vaccines. This information overload not only confuses the parents, but the wrong information may prove fatal, as well.

The first step to avoid the risks of vaccines is to gather information on vaccine safety. You must always turn to your physician or pediatrician. He or she, more than anybody, would know your child’s health and medical needs. They are mandated by law to provide you with comprehensive information on immunization. Another source would be your local health center or the websites of your country’s government health organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of the questions parents ask about their child’s immunization.

Why do I need to immune my child from rare diseases like polio and mumps?

Immunization is still needed for very rare diseases because their germs and viruses still thrive in other parts of the world. Traveling might cause these germs to spread in the country.

Are immunizations safe?

Keep your minds at ease for all vaccines are fully tested by government health agencies before being approved for use. Vaccines have dead or weakened toxins or disease-causing bacteria and viruses that make the body produce antibodies that protect the child from the said diseases.

Will giving multiple vaccines to babies lead to overload or overdose?

Many studies show that that multiple vaccines do not cause harm. Researchers say that the small amount of germs present in vaccines could not cause harm in children.

Will vaccines cause any harmful side effects?

Some children might suffer from side effects like swelling at the injection site and slight fever during vaccination. There are rumors that vaccines could cause sudden infant syndrome, autism, or other diseases although they were NEVER really proven by scientific studies.