Immunization 101: What You Should Know About Immunizations

If you think that immunization and vaccination are unsafe, think again. Read how important it is to have your children vaccinated. The Importance of Vaccination Everybody very well knows the importance of immunizations. Yearly, millions of adults and children get vaccines to protect themselves from the different diseases. However, getting immunization is not a breeze. […]

Diseases that Can Be Prevented by Vaccinations

Vaccination started out from an observation that once puzzled medical specialists. People exposed for a certain disease were seen to be resistant to it the second time around, in a process called “variolation”. Edward Jenner, the discoverer of vaccines, actually underwent variolation for cowpox, which left him immune to smallpox, then a scourge for millions. […]

First Aid for Your Child’s Convulsions

Seeing your child suffer from intense high fever and convulsions is just heart breaking. Know what you can do during instances like these. What Happens during a Convulsion? More often than not, convulsions are caused by contemporaneous high fevers. They normally last for about a minute or two. During such fit, your child may lose […]

Understanding and Preventing Urinary Tract Infection

You will know that you have urinary tract infection or UTI when you are peeing awfully frequent and sometimes painful in a day. Also, you will notice that your pee smells pretty bad. These effects are mainly caused by bacterial infection in your urinary tract. How to Determine if You Have Urinary Tract Infection? When […]

The Weighty Truth about Child Obesity

Children with rosy, sagging cheeks and bulging tummies are oft-construed as utterly cute. Little do we know that we are cuddling one ugly reality – cases of child obesity have risen dramatically around the world in recent years. Moreover, aside from the setbacks that obesity brings to a child’s body, cardiac problems, and skin disorders […]

5 Steps to a Healthier and Leaner You

Controlling weight and achieving a healthy body should never be difficult. This article will discuss 5 simple steps you need to follow everyday to be able to get that healthy and lean body you’ve always wanted. Aiming to Be Healthy Each of us would love to have a healthy, slim body that we could show […]

The Risks of Having Diabetes and the Role of Chiropractic

Diabetes, or diabetes mellitus, is a very common ailment, even though such ailment is not cannot be passed on from one person to another but merely developed. Moreover, diabetes is a difficult ailment to have because it often results in complications among the other organs of the body. The most common complications involve problems in […]

Understanding Diabetes: Causes, Symptoms, and Care

Do you always have to say ‘no’ to sweet and sugary treats even if you have been wanting to eat them badly because you have – or almost having – diabetes? We know how difficult life becomes when a person gets diabetes. What is Diabetes? Diabetes mellitus (DM) includes all disorders of metabolism that result […]

Proper Nutrition for Healthy Nervous System

  A healthy nervous system is vital in the proper function of your body. It is through the nervous system that all your body functions and the actions that you perform are communicated and coordinated within the different parts of your body. Without a properly functioning nervous system, all the other systems in your body […]