Understanding and Preventing Urinary Tract Infection


You will know that you have urinary tract infection or UTI when you are peeing awfully frequent and sometimes painful in a day. Also, you will notice that your pee smells pretty bad. These effects are mainly caused by bacterial infection in your urinary tract.

How to Determine if You Have Urinary Tract Infection?

When your urinary tract is infected with bad bacteria, you will surely experience any or all of the following symptoms:

  • When there is noticeable pain when you pee;
  • When you have to get up many times at night to pee;
  • When there is blood in your pee or traces of blood in your underwear;
  • When you feel pressure, pain, or tickle in your lower belly;
  • When you pee more frequently than before;
  • When you pee in small amounts every time you do so;
  • When your pee smells bad; and
  • When your pee is cloudy

For some individuals, these symptoms could also be accompanied by fever, pain in the back or belly under your lower ribs, as well as chills.

Testing if You Have UTI

What your doctor will first do is to administer a urine test, and from your urine sample, he will determine if you are indeed experiencing urinary tract infection. Usually, he will also inform you as to what type of bacteria it is that you are dealing with.

Before allowing you to pee, your doctor will give you sterilized special wipes to clean yourself first; this is to contain your urine sample and to cancel out the possibility of an outside bacteria.

If your doctor diagnoses you with urinary tract infection after all the necessary tests, he will prescribe suitable medications for your particular case and for your particular condition.

What You Should Remember

Apart from knowing all these, it is all important to know the ways by which urinary tract infection can be avoided.

Stay away from products containing caffeine for this can cause further irritation.

Keep clean and wash your private parts regularly and thoroughly.

For women, remember to wipe from front to back and not the other way around.

If you need to go already, do so and don’t hold it.

When thirsty, make the time to drink. It is most advisable to ingest water or cranberry juice because they are great at washing away and preventing bacteria.

For women, avoid taking bubble baths because they can irritate your urethra.

As much as possible, wear cotton underwear, in this way, you will avoid moisture and heat that the bacteria love most.

The key to preventing urinary tract infection is basically cleanliness complimented by constant and appropriate fluid ingestion.